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ProSoc can offer your club professional licenced trainers for all levels starting from recreation to professional. This program offers several training opportunities, for example pre-season preparation, technique, tactic or athletic development. ProSoc training program is tailored toward the unique needs of your club. We have extensive experience focused on all skilled areas.

Using a professional trainer or a coach is very important for the development and growth of a youth soccer team. ProSoc is ready to make an impact on your team’s level of play. We believe that our training and coaching services will give your team a competitive edge!

ProSoc philosophy to success:

  • Pre game and post analysis
  • Development concept based on needs of team
  • Individual group/team tactics training
  • Season feedback

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During the week ProSoc is responsible for the training from KMC – District and MWR. If you need further information please feel free and send us an email to: info@prosocacademy.com.Looking forward to hearing from you!