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ProSoc offers a wide variety of training. We specialize in unique training concepts developed to your specific needs. These sessions are designed by former professional players that are commited to taking your game to the next step.  Don’t miss the chance to experience high level Individual, Group or Team training.

If you have a desire to improve your soccer skills and knowledge of the game then our highly skillled trainers are what you need to make an impact. You will receive a unique one on one training from our experienced trainers, geared towards your specific needs. Improvement/guaranteed!!

If your needs are to improve your game insights, multiple player tactic, and interaction, sign up for the Group Training. With increased technical competence comes the beginning of tactical awareness. The simplest definition of tactics is “player decisions.” You can begin to work with your players on decision making and questioning why they made one decision versus an alternative one. Groups with a maximum of seven players. With outstanding training you will become a better and more valuable player. The group training will focus on the many game possibilities and will teach you the most valuable way to help your team to reach victory!

Last but not least ProSoc offers outstanding Team Training.

This intensive training is geared towards improving your soccer team in all areas. Many important and necessary aspects of soccer will be taught, which will guarantee improvement on all levels.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to improve and excel!
Exceed your expectations!