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Advanced CampProSoc is a well structured school for advanced players looking to enhance their skills weather on a high school varsity team or a priemier travel team and who aspire to be exceptional soccer players our trainers will help you develop explosive performances. Our rigours individualized training will focus on specific goals.

ProSoc advanced training focused on:

  • refined technical training
  • 3v3 tactical concepts
  • combination play and ball possession
  • small group tactics
  • principles of team play
  • fitness training
  • nutrition and game preparation
  • See ‘Goalkeeper training or ProSoc special camps’ for more details check out

ProSoc session format:
Each training session has been create with fun, basic soccer games, to learn fakes and the programes core values. Each session is delivered by highly enthusiastic and experienced ProSoc youth soccer coaches.

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During the week ProSoc is responsible for the training from KMC – District and MWR. If you need further information please feel free and send us an email to: info@prosocacademy.com.Looking forward to hearing from you!