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ProSoc offers training for all different skill levels and age groups. Profiting from our DFB licensed coaches’ knowledge we have worked out a unique training concept for all age groups. The concept covers 4 key components that are essential in every player’s development:

  • Technique & Tactic
  • Individual technique
  • Condition and Coordination
  • Sport Psychology


This thoroughly elaborated concept allows us to provide a practice that prepares every player perfectly for a promising soccer career. Together with our experienced coaches we focus on developing every single player and take care of everyone regardless of his or her personal level. Our high qualified coaches will help you to improve and work on your weaknesses!

At the beginner training you will be taught all important coordinating skills that will pave the way for you to become an highly agile player. Additionally, you will be introduced into technical skills. Most important, you will be taught to get a first understanding of the game and getting a feeling for space and movements that will help you in the game.

The intermediate training provides the next step in the players’ development. Building up on the contents of the beginner training the focus is set onto technical improvement. But also playing as a team gets more and more important which is why the coaches practice several 2v2 or 3v3 situations. In addition to this, teaching switching from defense to offense and the other way around is one of the top learning targets.

To purify all learned contents we offer advanced training. On this level the players’ individual skills such as technique are already on a good level. By practicing more and more group tactical aspects such as acting in the back-four formation the players get not only a better understanding of the game but also get to improve their individual skills in game speed. All in all the advanced training is the final step of a promising soccer education that your child receive at ProSoc Training.

If you think your child needs to improve at certain areas you might also check out our ProSoc SPECIAL Training. No matter if it is about individual, group or team aspects, tactical aspects or even goalkeeper specific points your child wants to improve at; ProSoc Academy is your answer!

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to improve and excel!
Exceed your expectations!