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Hello parents!

Have you registered for ProSoc Academy outdoor soccer yet?

PulaskiThe SKIES program in cooperation with us will be offering outdoor and indoor soccer. Weekly Classes run from Sept-Dec, Jan-Mar and April-June. It is offered at the Pulaski track field.

PulaskiMWR has partnered with ProSoc Academy’s professional coaches, to help develop your child and continue to grow soccer skills on and off-season. Classes will focus on tackling footwork and maximizing your technical skills.

Thanks so much for your time, we enjoyed working with your youth!

The training options for Pulaski

Practices Ages Time Days of Week
Soccer 3-4 yr 3-5 1400-1500 Tuesday
Soccer 5-6 yr 6-7 1500-1600 Tuesday
Soccer 3-4 yr 3-5 1400-1500 Thursday
Soccer 5-6 yr 6-7 1500-1600 Thursday
Soccer 7-12 yr 8-12 1600-1730 Tuesday
Soccer 7-12 yr 8-12 1600-1730 Thursday


To view classes offered in SKIES or to pre-register online please visit:


Call Parent Central Services on Pulaski Building 2898 at DNS 493-4122 or 4516/ CIV 0631-3406-4122 or 4516.

Or call the FMWR One Stop Shop on Landstuhl Building 3810 (inside the Library) at DSN 486-8943 or 06371-86-8943. It is the same info as EDGE! of where and whom to call.

You have to be registered with MWR before starting the program.