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We’re very excited about your interest in our program. ProSoc Academy was established to provide young soccer players with the opportunity to improve their skills in a fun structured environment!

ProSoc Academy’s goal is to develop and deliver highest level of player development for all ages. Our program prides itself on creating a fun atmosphere where players feel free to grow, learn, tactical play, and get challenged to reach their full soccer potential!

ProSoc Academy is your ticket to the next level of your soccer development. ProSoc  is about empowering you with all the right tools and qualities to lead the next generation of soccer stars.
“Exceed Your Expectations”!

During the training and camps the coaches will also focus on good sportmanship and team spirit. The children will be positively challenged by each other, and the fun factor is an important aspect of the program. ProSoc’s training program we recognize the significance of a safe and friendly learning environment for both our staff and our participants.

ProSoc offers many exciting training programs designed to significantly improve your child’s game and self-confidence. They will learn and improve their soccer tactics, techniques and athletic skills.

Our school is staffed by ex professional soccer player’s/coaches. We emphasize the importance of collaboration with other professional organizations, like the Olympic Training Center, US Youth Soccer Federation and professional soccer clubs or colleges that share our vision of professional soccer.

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