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Why sponsor ProSoc ACADEMY:

  • ProSoc ACADEMY offers you to get in touch with your American target group (exclusively)
  • A welcomed form of advertising. In most settings consumers are inclined to tune out advertising. Although many traditional ways of reaching consumers are failing, youth sports sponsorships are a positive and engaging way to market a brand. Parents like to see the companies that are supporting local sports.
  • We host academy and club families, coaching clinics, tournaments, camps, developmental programs bringing in around 15,000 people to our facility throughout the year. In addition, our social media followers and newsletter subscribers reach an additional 3,000 people on a regular basis.
  • Increase awareness of the company’s products and services. Each sponsorship package has benefits for the sponsor built in: field signage, website advertising, company name on uniforms, etc. Through a sponsorship, a company’s brand will be in front of the youth sports market of parents, coaches, program organizers, players and fans. (depends on package)
  • Build goodwill. Companies that sponsor youth sports programs make a positive contribution to their community. Overall this can evoke a community wide feeling that a company understands the impact and importance of sports for their youth. This feeling can instill loyalty among a business’ current and future patrons.
  • Possibility of sales promotion activities during ProSoc ACADEMY tournaments, e.g. product testing with distribution of coupons, prize draw, … (depends on package)
  • Acquisition of new clients & customer loyalty
  • ProSoc ACADEMY publishes the sponsorship via press release and the ProSoc ACADEMY website and social media

You are seeking for a social commitment and want to support young soccer players? ProSoc ACADEMY offers you several possibilities. Interested? Please contact our sponsoring team.

Viola Schmitt                                                         Christian Theis
06371 – 5997 911                                                 06371 – 9792 631