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KMC District is devoted to Development.19399130_1496482310410219_6168625694678984523_n

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Soccer is a learning process, and a child’s ability to learn is highly dependent upon the environment that they are in. This is what KMC District expects to achieve! We will have multiple teams in different age groups and we will strive diligently to align each player in the best possible place for them to grow. The teams will train together and players will then have opportunity to learn and challenge themselves.

We will train with professional German coaches two times per week to prepare for friendly (weekly/bi-weekly) scrimmages versus local German clubs and local/international tourneys. We want to appeal to a broad base of players from the recreational players to those that are looking for the more training rigor/competitive opportunities in the sport of soccer traditionally found in US’ traveling teams/Olympic Development Program.

ALL training sessions will be held on Wedensdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Never losing sight of keeping our kids’ wellbeing and healthy emotional/physical growth in soccer.

KMC District, dedicated to continued development over all else. The goal is to teach young players the basic techniques and skills in an environment that will help them prepare for the next level of competition

KMC District we are continuing to build on the great accomplishments of our predecessors.

We are fortunate to work with a great group of volunteers with a wide variety of insights, experiences, and ideas with the ability to execute on those suggestions. While we have a great soccer committee, we could always use more assistance…as always continues to be a priority.

Additional insight, ideas, and feedback will allow the organization to grow, evolve, and meet the needs of the community.

We would like to continue to encourage parents with the willingness to dedicate even more of their valuable time to increase their commitment to the soccer program and provide assistance.

USYS-Europe KMC District Board Members 2017-2018

President: Isaiah Mann

Email: kmcsoccerpresident@gmail.com

Vice President: Theran Martin
Email: kmcsoccervp@gmail.com

Treasurer: Kimberly Royle
Email: kmcsoccertreasurer@gmail.com

Secretary: Jose Paucar
Email: kmcsoccersecretary@gmail.com

Registrar: Shana Mann
Email: kmcsoccerregistrar@gmail.com

Director of Coaching: Sebastian Korst
Email: sebastian.korst@prosocacademy.com