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In order to be a good socccer player excellent athletic skills are needed. Due to the fact that the way the soccer game is played has changed from slower pase to fast pase, speed development is very important for every situation during the game.


In soccer games situations can change from one second to the next, so the ability to respond and react quickly are extremely necessary. In our athlectic camps we will focus on improving the children´s reactions, coordination and agility.


ProSoc has a partnership with the Olympic Trainings Center in Saarbrücken. The world famous athlectic coach, Oliver Muehlbredt , who has trained and developed many olympic and world champions, and works with many professional soccer teams will be available to train the children attending the athletic camps.

13590263_1141121999279587_1639580978764127756_nProSoc worked out an special coordination program to improve the agility skills of our players. Prosoc and Oliver Muehlbredt combined their extensive professional experience, and developed an unique and special athelic program, which combines the atlectic insights with  aspects of soccer in the training. This specialized training, combined with great technique and tactics will improve the children´s soccer dramatically.

13592358_1141122129279574_6163801929199089025_nThe groups will be divided by age and by skill level of the children. The group size will be small in order to better train and teach the children the necessary skills. During the training time plenty of time will be spend explaining the different techniques. Each child will receive personal feedback on the areas they need to improve, including homework suggestions.

ProSoc can also offer a more detailed training concept if desired. The training environment is professional and condusive to learning, but the enjoyment of soccer for  the children is equally important.

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