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Intermediate In the intermediate soccer camp we focus on the wonderful world of soccer. Emphasis is on the many aspects of soccer. The players will learn all the essential fundamentals, techniques and skills needed to become an excellent all round soccer player.

The soccer drills will be presented in dynamic and high energy exercises, which will challenge the players to reach and surpass their potential. The players will gain a deeper understanding of the professional aspects of soccer.

ProSoc intermediate camps focused on:

  • technical training with “fast footwork”
  • ball control skills and passing with precision
  • heading and shooting
  • Fundamental Plays and Combinations
  • individual tactics 1v1; 2v2
  • creativity and playing under pressure











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During the week ProSoc is responsible for the training from KMC – District and MWR. If you need further information please feel free and send us an email to: info@prosocacademy.com.Looking forward to hearing from you!